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Price: (5 bids)     $2,275
Time Left:    (Apr 22, 2019 20:25:32 EDT)
Make: Ducati
Model: Superbike
Condition: Used
Mileage: 9627
Location: 61523, Chillicothe, Illinois
#VIN: ZDM1UB3S36B012629

Seller's Notes:

2006 Ducati 749 Dark with 9,627 miles. Bike was dropped on a grassy embankment at a low speed. Engine developed an internal noise on the ride home and has been stored since. No idea what the engine repair involves - could be rings, bearings, transmission components... Dealer repair quote a couple years ago was astronomical, and I have been unable to find time to diagnose and fix the issue myself. Even considered just replacing the entire engine with a used one from ebay! Additional info:Damaged ...

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Location: 61523, Chillicothe, Illinois

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