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Block Tester ® combustion leak head gasket test (incl fluid) BT700 27145 560000

Price:     $43
Time Left: 15 d, 1 h, 10 min    (Jun 9, 2018 23:42:09 EDT)
Condition: New
Location: 98125, Seattle, Washington

Seller's Notes:

Block Tester® - The original combustion leak tester - Quality Tool Made in the USA and includes fluid! Think you might have a blown head gasket? The Block Tester® is a complete combustion leak tester and comes in a kit with enough fluid for 16 tests. Works with virtually any liquid-cooled internal combustion engine or generator with a closed cooling system including: gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas and other alternative fuels. Large, single-chamber design provides greater accuracy and u...

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Location: 98125, Seattle, Washington

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