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Hypertech Programmer Speedometer Calibration 

Price:     $120
Time Left: 25 d, 8 h, 56 min    (Jul 30, 2020 00:02:03 EDT)
Condition: Used
Location: 549**, Neenah, Wisconsin

Seller's Notes:

Hypertech Programmer Speedometer Calibration . Condition is Used. 20-Current Gladiator JT18-Current Wrangler JL, 2 & 4 Door18-Current Ram 1500/2500/3500Gas and Diesel enginesSpeedometer and odometer correction: 24 - 40" tires (in .25" increments)Reads, displays, and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's)Installs in minutesInternet updatableRecalibrate Speedometer & Odometer for non-stock gear ratios and/or tire sizesOption to return vehicle to stock settingsRead/Clear diagnostic trouble codes...

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Location: 549**, Neenah, Wisconsin

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